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Womens Health

Laura has many years experience in all areas of women’s health and is absolutely passionate about helping women resolve problems and significantly improve their quality of life.

Laura helps a wide spectrum of women’s health complaints such as

  • Pelvic girdle pain pre and post natal
  • Bladder dysfunction
  • Prolapse
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Male and female sexual dysfunction


Advice and treatment for back, neck, rib and pelvic girdle pain (sacroiliac or symphysis pubis /SPD). Also for nerve problems such as Sciatica and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (pain, pins and needles or numbness in the hands). Physical preparation for labour (positions for labour, breathing techniques, massage, relaxation, TENS). Pelvic Floor exercises and training, to prevent and treat incontinence. Pregnancy Pilates, and Massage.


Treatment for back, neck and pelvic pain and practical advice relating to breast-feeding and carrying your baby and improving your posture. Post-natal abdominal retraining with real-time ultrasound following a C-Section delivery and for rectus divarification (separation of abdominal muscles).

Pelvic Floor Training – for incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain or following perineal trauma during delivery.

Individualised and safe ‘return to exercise’ programmes and Post-natal Pilates.


Treatment of incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain including: Pelvic Floor Training (using Kegal exercises, real-time ultrasound, EMG biofeedback, muscle simulation and cones). Manual therapy for overactive or painful pelvic floor muscles. Bladder Training and Acupuncture for overactive bladder syndrome. Safe rehabilitation following pelvic floor surgery or hysterectomy

Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists Aviva Laya VHI